4 Survive Fayetteville, NC Crash

December 12, 2015
A Beechcraft A36 was substantially damaged during a forced landing to a wooded area after a total loss of engine power near Fayetteville, North Carolina on December 11, 2015. 

According to the pilot, David McKee, about two hours after takeoff the airplane was in cruise flight at 8000 feet when the engine suddenly lost power. Engine power was restored for a few seconds, and then the airplane experienced a total loss of engine power as the propeller "windmilled."

The flight included the pilot and three other passengers and was attempting to reach Charleston, South Carolina from a departure in Maryland.

Initial NTSB examination reveals that fuel was present in both main tanks and both tip tanks, the fuel selector valve functioned normally, and the auxiliary pump switch was in the on position. Examination of the engine revealed metal fragments in the oil pan and internal damage including one connecting rod separated from the crankshaft, and two other connecting rods exhibiting discoloration consistent with heat damage.